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3.5cm glass bottom cell culture dishes


3.5cm glass bottom cell culture dish  clear color


3.5cm glass bottom cell culture dish  black color

TC Advanced treatment / Pseudo-collagen treatment

★Color: transparent, black

★Apply borosilicate glass to a hollow 3.5 cm PS material culture dish;

★The glass bottom culture dish is coated with pseudo-collagen which is not derived from animals;

★The cells can be cultured directly on a glass bottom culture dish;

★0.017-0.019cm thickness borosilicate glass, can observe the clear magnified image of theobject under the conjugate focal microscope, while the thickness of the general culture dish is more than 0.lcm. because the focus of the light source can not reach the object to be observed.so it can not obtain a clear image of the object in the magnifying lens.

★Packing:bag packing and box packaging


★For observation of cell membranc, nuclear and intracellular metabolites and cell constituentmolecules under fluorescence microscope;

★For conjugated focal microscope, directly observe the cultured cell structure and metabolitesand intercellular transport substances.

Observe the morphology of nuclei and actin in a 3.5cm glass-bottom culture dish under a confocal microscope.

Comparison effect chart of fluorescence analysis of AMA brand, imported brand and other domestic brands


1. Cell culture effect——Test culture dish (AMA) has good culture effect, similar to imported culture dish, better than domestic culture dish

2. Imaging effect——Test culture dish (AMA) is superior to the imported culture dish and the domestic culture dish. The background is low and the growth uniformity is good.

3. DV adapter suitability——Test Petri Dish (AMA) and imported Petri dishes can be used. Domestic Petri dishes are too large to fit.

4. Quality control points——The bottom thickness of the culture dish (0.17mm), the bottom of the culture dish is flat and smooth

Post time: Feb-24-2023
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