Transfer pipette

Transfer pipette

Made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) raw materials

The inner wall of the product is smooth and transparent, which can effectively reduce the hanging of liquid

Good transparency, moderate elasticity, clear scale, good drop repeatability

Good flexibility, can be bent at a certain angle, suitable for operation in micro and special-shaped containers

Sterile individual packaging, non-sterile bulk packaging

Scope of application: taking and pipetting of various samples in inspection laboratories, biochemistry, immunoserology, microbiology, etc.



Made of polystyrene (GPPS) raw material, not easy to break

A plastic slide used to hold samples when observing objects with a microscope, used for observation



Centrifuge tube


Made of transparent polymer material polypropylene (PP)

The thickness of the tube wall is uniform, the scale line is clear, and it is easy to observe

One-handed operation, unique sealing cap prevents liquid leakage

Can be centrifuged at high speed without breaking

non-sterile or sterile

Used for centrifugation or detection of TB-binding bacilli or sample removal, cryopreservation, etc.


Embedding Cassette

Made of polyoxymethylene (POM) raw material, used for pathological tissue slices


Pipette tip


Produced with high-quality polypropylene (PP) raw materials

high temperature sterilization

Smooth appearance, high transparency, no burrs, less hanging on the wall

Sturdy and durable, high pressure bearing, standard caliber

Can match a variety of brands of pipette gun universal

Applicable to hospitals, research institutes, laboratory schools, etc.

serum bottle

Made of medical polypropylene (PP) material, used for temporary storage of serum


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